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wood fence houston
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wood fence houston
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Wood Fences

At H2 Fence & Construction our custom made wood fences are made with high quality lumber. These fences are beautiful, durable and perfectly compliment any space. Our fences are made to safely contain all sizes of dogs and provide privacy and security to any home or business.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Our wrought iron fences provide a classic, elegant look to your property. There are many different options when it comes to choosing your fence.  We can provide many different heights, styles and even colors.  These fences can securely enclose a space without limiting your view. If you want to see your neighborhood lake or enclose your pool for safety reasons, the wrought iron is the way to go!

Driveway Gates

We can install and service all types of residential and commercial driveway gates and electric gate openers. This may include sliding gates electric driveway gates, automatic gate openers, solar gate openers, vehicle sensors and security gates. Our automatic gate systems are available in iron, metal and wood. We have the expertise needed to help you achieve the best gate solution for your property.

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